About Project

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About Project

   Verbascum gypsycola (Çayırhan sığır kuyruğu)


To increase awareness of local authorities and civil society about the importance of gypsophile endemic plant species and to support in-situ and ex-situ conservation measures.

Why jipsofit plants? 

Gypsum is a very common bedrock type in arid and semi-arid climates in the Central Anatolia Region of Turkey. Gypsum soils have high plant biodiversity in terms of endemism. Edaphic (soil) endemism among plants is an important factor for most plants in arid regions due to the physical and chemical effects of the growing medium. Gypsophyte plants, in herbaceous or shrub form, are usually rare and endangered endemic species. In order to investigate these plant species growing in gypsum soils and their adaptation strategies under limited conditions, 18 institutions from 11 countries, including Turkey, carried out the “Gypworld-A Global Iniciative to Understand Gypsum Ecosystem Ecology Project” in 2017. One of the 6 main purposes of the Gypworld Global Partnership Project, which is carried out with the participation of Ankara University, Faculty of Science, Biology Department from our country, with the funding of the EU Framework Program Horizon 2020, is “to communicate the ecological and conservation value of these ecosystems to the public”. For this reason, with the project supported by the French Embassy and carried out by our Association together with the science consultants of the Gypworld Global Partnership Project, it will contribute to publicizing the ecological and protection value of the ecosystems of gypsophilic plants at a pilot scale.


October 15, 2021- June 15, 2022


1- Within the scope of the project, meeting will be organized with local governments and non-governmental organizations in Ayaş, Nallıhan and Beypazarı to identify problems and solutions,
2- Carrying out trainings activities in schools via internet.
3- Preparation of a guide and an action plan that will raise awareness and guide local governments and non-governmental organizations for the protection of gypsophilic plants,
4- A workshop will be held in Beypazarı district to give information about the protection priorities of the project.


Team Leader
Serap Kantarlı

Administrative Manager
M.Emre Acarlar

Project Coordinators
Ömer Ateş
E.Nida Büyükyanbolu

Scientific Advisors
Prof.Dr. Latif Kurt
Prof.Dr. Mustafa Aydoğdu
Doç.Dr. Ebru Özdeniz

Rumeysa Toper

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